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Share some HCNP H31-431-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Because most firewalls do not support packet transmission and reception from the same interface, you can redirect packets exchanged by MSs to the firewall to ensure the security of user packets.This function on UGW9811 is called ( ).

A. Gi/SGi Orientation

B. ACLA packet filtering

C. Strategy Control

D. IPSec

Answer: A

What is resolution order of 4G DNS?

A. Local DNS Cache Records – Local Host-File configuration records – request resolution from the DNS Server

B. Local Host-File Configuration Records – Local DNS Cache records – request resolution from the DNS Server

C. Request a resolution from DNS Server – local DNS Cache Records – local Host-File configuration records

D. Local Host-File Configuration Records – request resolution from the DNS Server – local DNS Cache records

Answer: B

When ADD NTPCLIENTIP and ADD BRDIP Commands add NTP Client, there is no order of precedence.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

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